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Daniel Denies The Ball, The Superman Of Cricket
The Australians in the fielding department are one of the top aides in the cricket world; competing to sides like South Africa and New Zealand they have always maintained their spot as the leading best fielding sides in the world.

This video is a small example of the standards that the Aussies are maintaining among their ranks in the fielding department.

This is taken from a T20 match played between Australia and Pakistan in the UAE. Kamran Akmal the wicket keeper batsman from Pakistan pulled a short one from Hogg down to the mid-wicket boundary and it was four written all over it.

Daniel Christian was patrolling at the square leg boundary and as soon as he saw the shot coming to a nearby region he started sprinting towards it.

He reached the ball right at the boundary rope and there was only one way to stop that ball and Christian applied that way. He dived in the air and slapped the ball backwards in the air over the boundary rope.

Christian aerial leap was about the height of 5 feet and when he connected his hand with the ball they both were on the other side of the rope but in the air.

The slap was so hard that it took the ball to Bailey running in from the long on boundary. He picked the ball up and threw it back to the keeper. Christian in the meantime first hit the ground hard but stood up the very next second and his expressions told his success story.

The on field umpires took the help of third one and after a few replays seen it was adjourned a clear one from all the umpires.

In the last 10 to 15 years of modern day cricket we have seen how the art of fielding has developed and now the best sides are the one who have a best fielding unit and sometimes even teams have avoided 30 to 40 runs merely due to some good fielding.

The South Africans were the first to raise their fielding standards and then it was Australia who followed their lead and both these nations have produced some acrobatic stuff on a cricket field.

This video is off a brilliant boundary save from Daniel Christian. The match was played in the UAE between Pakistan and Australia. Kamran Akmal the Pakistan’s wicket keeper batsman pulled Australian leg spinner Hogg down towards the mid-wicket boundary line.

Christian was standing at square leg. The moment he saw the shot coming his side he started running towards the mid-wicket boundary and the ball bounced a few yards in front of him and Christian leaped in the air to intercept it from going over the boundary line.

He was 5 feet in the air and slapped the ball towards the inner part of the ground and his slap was so hard that it took the ball almost to long on fielder. Bailey grabbed the ball and threw it back to the keeper.

The umpires called in the third umpire who after watching a few replays called it a clean effort. It was a breathtaking effort from the Aussie all-rounder. It was a certain four that he saved just like being a superhero.

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